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Create a culture of disciple-making.

Like Jesus

A disciple-making platform designed to help your church/ministry/small group create a culture of disciple-making… building a movement of multiplication, just like Jesus did.

Movement Film 1:30

Like Jesus exists to continue the movement that Jesus started 2000 years ago. He took twelve ordinary men and began a worldwide movement. What could God do in you and your ministry?

A Culture of Disciple-Making 3:54

Author Dr. Dann Spader has spent his life studying the life of Christ and has modeled his ministries around Jesus. Dr. Spader has seen disciple-making movements built in over 80 countries all based on Christ’s life & ministry from scripture.

Like Jesus Promotional Film 1:43

What does it take to make a culture to advance disciple-making? Why do we see so few disciple-making movements in America? You can live like Jesus. You can make disciples like Jesus.