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You sending us a video clip about how Like Jesus and the life of Christ has impacted your ministry, is a huge help to us. How have you seen your people encouraged? How has disciple-making affected your impact?

Please record the following two things and submit below:

1. In one sentence, record how Like Jesus has made an impact.
2. In about 30-seconds. give us an overview of what God has done and how he’s used Like Jesus and the resource in your church or ministry. 

* We’ll be selecting a few submissions for free access for 1-year of Like Jesus Digital Access or $300 credit towards any account that is randomly selected. Also, we’ll be selecting a bunch to give a free T-shirt to (US only, sent to you via USPS). No purchase necessary. Thanks for your help!

Must be submitted by August 24, 2021 to be eligible to win.


Having troubles uploading? Send us an email.

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